Nora – January Aquarius Red Garnet Dragonfly Dragon Miniature

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Nora - Covered in garnet gemstones this dragonfly dragon is sure to delight

Hand cast quality resin zodiac gifts, real glass eyes and Swarovski Crystals

How can you miss Nora, this striking January Dragonfly flitting through the air. Like dragonflies Nora is an air sign, one of 3 in the Zodiac. Her bold colors were hand painted using mastery layering techniques, dry brushing and other skills mastered over decades of painting.

As an Aquarius Nora is communicative, original, open minded, fair, logical, inviting, rational visionaries of the zodiac. She is a true visionary, anxious, moody and neurotic dreamers. The water bearers gift the world with adventurous spirits that inspire freedom. Nora was hand sculpted with all the traits of Aquarius in mind.

She was sculpted using a blend of premium polymer clay to represent a dragonfly, curious about the world and always on the move. A silicone mold was made to to capture her handmade detail. Finally cast by hand using a premium platinum cure resin. Sanded, scraped, primed and painted..

Real Swarovski Crystals hand placed beautifully on Nora’s wings and down her spine in January’s birthstone color Garnet. She is the star child of the zodiac doers and dreamers.

Nora is only available in a Limited Number of Runs, meaning she is only cast X many times until the mold brakes and we can never make another one again!

Add her to your cart right NOW and click BUY before she is gone forever! Just look into her adorable handmade glass eyes and you will be hooked.

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Dates: Jan 20 – Feb 18

Zodiac Sign: Aquarius

Symbol: The Water Bearer

Element: Air

Phrase: “I Know”

Planet: Uranus

Month: January

Chinese Twin: Tiger

Birthstone: Garnet

Dragon: Dragonfly with water flask

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